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SBA 7(a) Guaranty Loan Program
 Depositary Receipts Program

USDA Secondary Market
SBA 7(a) Guaranty Loan Program

   Form 159 7(a): Fee Disclosure Form and Compensation Agreement

   Enrollment Form

Settlements Express
   Settlement Express: Enrollment Form
   Settlement Express: User Guide

SBA 7(a) Secondary Market Loan Sales
   Guide to SBA 7(a) Secondary Market Loan Sales
   Overview for Investors
   Overview for Lenders

   Form 1086: Secondary Market Loan Participation Guaranty Agreement
   Form 1086: Field Descriptions
   Form 1086: Fields
   Form 1086: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
   Secondary Market Program Guide (v1985): Table of Contents, Appendices A, B, C, D, E, F, and G

   Sample of SBA Guaranteed Interest Certificate

   Prepayment Certificate

   Form 1088: Secondary Market Assignment and Disclosure Form
   Form 1088: Field Descriptions
   Form 1088: Sample Template

   Form 1454: Application for Pool of Guaranteed Interest Certificates
   Form 1454: Field Descriptions
   Active Pool Assembler List
   Secondary Market Brokers' Standardized Bid Sheet

SBA 1502 Reporting
   Form 1502: Field Description
   Form 1502: Field Descriptions ARC Loans
   Form 1502: Template (Excel 07)   (click here for Excel 03 format)

   1502 Fee Calculator
   1502 Fee Calculator Instructions

   Schedule of Payment Due Dates
   Instructions for SBA Form 1502 Submissions (mail/fax/wire)
   1502 Electronic Data Specifications
   Lender Fee Variance Report: Error Code Matrix

   Special Remittance Form to Pay Prior SBA Fees
   Special Remittance Form: Instructions
   Special Remittance Form: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

   1502 Connection: Enrollment Form
   1502 Connection: User Agreement
   1502 Connection: Online Filing User Guide

   SBA 1502 Bulletins

Investor Information
   SBA Guaranteed Loan Pooling Guidelines
   SBA Guaranteed Pool Certificate Program Monthly Payment Information
   Trading Factor Report Subscription Form and Fee Schedule
   PSU Online: Enrollment Form and User Agreement

   Sample of SBA Guaranteed Loan Pool Certificate

   Receipt of Multiple Originator Fees (RMOF)
   Receipt of Multiple Pool Certificate Service (RMLP)
   Originator Fees on SBA 7(a) Loans

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Depositary Receipt Program (DRC)
   DRC: Program Overview
   DRC: General Characteristics
   DRC: Fee Schedule
   DRC: Required Documents
   DRC: Letter of Instruction
   DRC: Form of Detached Assignment
   DRC: Sample of Depositary Receipt for Single Guaranteed Loan
   DRD: Product Overview

   Important Notice for Depositary Receipt Series C

USDA Secondary Market Program
Farm Service Agency Forms 1980
   FSA Form 1980-27: Loan Note Guarantee
   FSA Form 1980-36: Assignment Guarantee Agreement

Rural Business-Cooperative Service Forms 4279
   RBS Form 4279-5: Loan Note Guarantee
   RBS Form 4279-6: Assignment Guarantee Agreement
   RBS Form 4279-7: Certificate of Incumbency

   Payment Reporting Procedures

   Remittance Form for USDA Secondary Market Loans (Excel)
   Remittance Form: Field Descriptions
   Remittance Form: Sample

   Visit USDA's Website to View Additional Loan Forms
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