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Pursuant to the disclosure requirements of 15 U.S.C. 636(h), the seller must disclose the expected yield to the buyer at the time of sale. The seller will be responsible for providing the actual yield calculations and the constant prepayment rate used to calculate the yield. Yield calculations will be based on the stated maturity on the certificate and must be disclosed on SBA form 1088, Form of Detached Assignment. Investors will receive a copy of the information supplied to the FTA by the seller and a statement from the FTA showing the constant prepayment rate reported by other sellers of similar maturity SBA certificates. Actual performance may differ from past results. The performance of a given loan or pool may differ from program-wide averages. Neither SBA nor the FTA makes any representation as to the actual CPR of any particular loan or pool at any particular time. Investors should calculate the potential yield using several different CPRs to determine the sensitivity of the yield to changes in the CPR.